Satyabrata Dam

Motivational Speaker, Mountaineer

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Satyabrata Dam


Satyabrata Dam's climbs and extreme adventures are his journey through life. He believes in living each moment as if it is his last. He delivers motivational talks, corporate leadership coaching and team building skills, besides training and guiding clients to the highest peaks in the world. He is also a Fellow of TED, USA and Fellow of Royal Geographic Society. He believe that nothing gets done without action and that 'impossible' is only a state of mind. He is a lifelong climber and extreme adventurer having climbed around the world and multiple Everest summit and leading expeditions to both the Poles. He simply lives life in complete freedom and the world is his home. Through his adventures he has learnt a lot about life, about human relations and survival, and that mind has endless possibilities and his objectives are to share these experience and learning with others through different mediums and channels.