Deepa Kannan

Executive Leader Coach, Author, Mentor Coach, DeeKay Excellence

Self-Development, Coaching
Leadership, Leadership

Deepa Kannan


Deepa Kannan, the Founder of DeeKay Excellence, is a seasoned Executive Leadership Coach with over 22 years of transformative IT experience in global corporations. As an ICF Credentialed PCC working towards MCC, she specializes in grooming professionals for executive leadership roles through coaching and training. Leveraging her journey from engineer to healer, Deepa fosters resilience and positivity in clients, guiding them through challenges. At DeeKay Excellence, she empowers individuals to unlock their potential and envision their future selves. Additionally, Deepa is dedicated to developing the next generation of coaches as an ICF Approved Coach training provider. Her book, "Evolving as a Leader and Coach," offers invaluable insights for professionals embarking on their leadership journey. With extensive corporate experience spanning TCS, Accenture, Infosys, IBM, and more, she brings a unique perspective to her coaching process, addressing challenges faced by corporate leaders.

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