Rahul Srinivasan

Resilient Life Coach Rahul, Self Employed

Coaching, Public Speaking
Mental Health, Mental Health

Rahul Srinivasan


A survivor in the dark and a warrior in silence, Rahul, holds a certification from his coaching school accredited to ICF as a Life Empowerment Coach. He also coaches on Resilience, Transformation and Relationship. Since 2022, he has partnered with individuals: graduate students, executives in corporate firms, start-up founders as a goal setting and accountability partner and has been a catalyst by helping them understand the nature and potential value of coaching, which had helped them to accomplish their professional and personal goals faster than they had expected. His curiosity to understand and serve fellow humans, listening to and helping them connect from their core with their core, has made them understand themselves better, become more aware and feel connected to their greater purpose. He coaches people to empower their mind, help them overcome limiting beliefs, unleash their inner potential and maximize their performance in their personal and professional lives.


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