Amit Chatterjee

Managing Partner, ACE Advisory

Leadership, Work-life Balance
Coaching, Meditation

Amit Chatterjee


Amit Chatterjee spent 3 decades in the Software Industry in India and Asia Pacific [Singapore] working at C levels with Hewlett Packard and CA Technologies. He is known to combine high enforcement of tasks along with high empathy towards the teams he led. Since 2014, Amit left the typical Corporate roles to build an 'Alternative Career' that involved Entrepreneurship, Consulting, and Executive Coaching. Over the years, his deep interest in people transformed into a deep interest in Spirituality [what's within]. The five ways in which he likes to describe himself - Ultra Marathoner [pace walker], Yoga enthusiast, a Student of Vedanta who believes in Innovative Entrepreneurship and Motivational Leadership. An ace debater since his College days, he is a powerful communicator, with a simple style of delivery that is structured. He likes to speak with life examples.

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