Nidhi Sudhan

Tech and media governance | 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ 2024 | Co-Founder, Citizen Digital Foundation,, Citizen Digital Foundation

Information and Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence
Women Business Leaders, Leadership

Nidhi Sudhan


Nidhi Sudhan is an advocate of responsible media and technology, and co-founder of Citizen Digital Foundation - a non-profit fostering Information Literacy and Tech/AI Governance in India. She has a 17-year background across diverse media, and positively engages education, dialogue, and collaboration to foster regenerative solutions aimed at addressing root-causes of complex techno-social challenges. 

Nidhi has worked, studied, and volunteered across, India, UAE, Greece, and the UK. She has launched and established 3 radio stations spearheading content, editorial and branding among other roles. Her last professional stint was at Chelsea Football Club London, after doing an MBA from Nottingham Business School, UK. Shortly after, she co-founded Citizen Digital Foundation in India. Nidhi also holds several international, advanced certifications in tech stewardship, and intersections of technology with business, society, and democracy. Nidhi has recently been listed among the global '100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2024™' list. 


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