Anshul Punhani

CMO ◆ AI & Digital Marketing ◆ Monster, Microsoft, Samsung, Trivial Chapter

Business, Strategy & Entrepreneurship | Marketing, Branding and Advertising, Leadership

Anshul Punhani


Results driven Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Sales & product Marketing Leader at a global level, with 25+ years of experience at leading global brands including, Microsoft, Samsung & J Walter Thompson. Managed marketing budgets in excess of $10M leading programs across global markets. Achieved ROI of >20x at Microsoft. Additionally, led Sales efforts for an independent business unit with driving ad sale of $3 - 4.5M. While at Videocon Mobile Devices an annual sale of $108M. Proven track record of developing & implementing successful strategies to drive brand awareness, customer acquisition, and revenue growth. 
Passionate about Marketing, Building Brands, Communities and Organization Culture. Thrives on creating compelling experiences and transforming brands and businesses.

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