Anna Durai

Chennai's Most Loved Auto Driver, Independent

Motivation, Customer Satisfaction
Inspirational Stories, Innovation

Anna Durai


Anna Durai is Chennai's most loved auto driver. With 10,000+ followers on Facebook and more than 40 speeches at corporate offices and two TED talks to his credit, he is literally going places. Seven years ago, as a class 12 dropout, he stunned Chennai with his auto which offered a list of amenities that redefined the travelers’ experience. His speech went viral on YouTube, making him an overnight sensation. What started with newspapers and magazines has now turned into a tech-savvy vehicle and boasts a tablet, laptop, TV, and Wi-Fi service for people who don't have access to the internet. He installed a debit and credit card swiping machine to rid his customers of all the troubles due to the exact change amount. He is a keynote speaker on customer service and a customer delight icon. He has traveled across the country delivering talks in the metro cities.

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