Purva Bhalla

Partner - Winning Edge, Winning Edge

Leadership and Management | Coaching, Diversity & Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence

Purva Bhalla


Purvi, with a decade in leadership and career consulting, specializes in guiding individuals and organizations towards realizing their full potential. As a partner at Winning Edge, she crafts bespoke solutions fostering growth and excellence, bridging the knowing-doing gap. Purvi's coaching ethos revolves around Courageous Action, blending compassion, authenticity, and accountability. She listens attentively to her clients' narratives, empowering them to become the protagonists of their journeys. Leveraging mentoring, training, communication, and strategic leadership skills, she inspires positive change in every interaction. Purvi's mission is to unlock untapped potential and drive transformative impact, catalyzing growth within individuals and organizations alike.

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