Sonu Sharma

Founder & CEO Dynamic India Infonet Pvt Ltd | Inspirational Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Life Coach, Dynamic India Infonet Pvt. Ltd.

Motivation and Development | Motivation, Corporate Consulting, Inspirational Stories

Sonu Sharma


Sonu Sharma, the visionary founder of Dynamic India Group (India), is a multifaceted professional—an author, educator, business consultant, and highly successful entrepreneur. As one of the youngest inspirational speakers in India, he dedicates himself to inspiring individuals to realize their true potential. With a global impact, he has shared his dynamic messages across diverse corners of the world. With 22 years of research in the Direct Sales Industry, he has steered numerous organizations towards growth and fulfilment. His workshops have positively impacted tens of thousands of individuals across India, and his YouTube presence has reached 800+ million viewers in 114 countries within 5 years. Attracting over 10 lakh attendees at live seminars in India, he has become a social media sensation with 3 billion+ views on YouTube and Facebook and a massive following of 24 million+. Today, he serves as a consultant for some of the world's leading corporate houses.

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