Mainak Maheshwari

Founder, Talent and Organization Consulting

Human Resource, Employee Engagement
Leadership, Leadership

Mainak Maheshwari


“Quot Rami Tot Arbores”

“As many branches, so many trees”

With a strong foundation built on the above motto, Mainak is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organization be successful. Mainak is able to help people build on their core strengths through coaching and planned interventions.

As a coach, Mainak is known for connecting with clients across levels and working towards the desired outcomes. He is able to draw upon his extensive professional experience to add the practical elements into his assignments – helping people relate to the desired outcomes. His client list includes some of the industry majors – one of the big four consulting firms; one of the world's largest insurance company; a world leading enterprise resource planning and services firm; a leading European telecommunication firm; leading non-banking financial firm; and leading human resources consulting firm.

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