Allwin Sebastian

CEO-Chief COACH, TianAble

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Allwin Sebastian


Allwin Sebastian, a prominent Professional Trainer and Coach, renowned for his concise books and training initiatives, embarked on his journey as an HR Professional. This experience illuminated the nexus between Human factors and Business dynamics. He holds an A+ Grade Certified Master Therapist credential from Counsel India. With his coaching, Allwin transformed over 200 Entrepreneurs through Business Consulting and 800+ Professionals via Success Coaching. A lifelong writing enthusiast and motivational speaker, he founded Tian Able consulting, a versatile company spanning Training, Business Consulting, Success Coaching, Advertising, and Model Management. Authoring "The Game Of a Winning Recruiter," a popular recruitment guide, he's recognized for profound Keynote speeches on HR Skills, Profitable Changes, Psychology in Business, and more at over 25 local and international business summits. Conducting programs for Corporates, Entrepreneurs, and students, Allwin mentors aspiring entrepreneurs.

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