Lata Singh

Director at Meraviglia EQ Academy Pvt Ltd, Meraviglia EQ Academy Pvt Ltd

Leadership and Management | Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Diversity & Inclusion

Lata Singh


Lata is an ICF Certified Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Assessor & Educator, and NLP Practitioner, boasting over 8 years of transformative coaching and training experience with diverse individuals and organizations worldwide. With a rich background in the IT industry spanning over two decades, she's honed her skills in technical documentation, localization, and Agile coaching for software development teams. Lata's passion lies in empowering people to achieve their aspirations, rooted in a deep understanding of emotional well-being. She finds fulfillment in positively impacting lives, recognizing the profound influence of emotions on individual growth and performance. Lata's coaching journey is a testament to her commitment to facilitating holistic personal and professional development.

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