Manisha Bapna

Behavioural & Performance Coach, EQ Fellow assessor, NLP Practioner,Psychometric assessor, Career Transition Coach, Facilitator & a Painter, Self employed

Leadership and Management | Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership

Manisha Bapna


With 22 years of diverse experience spanning various industries and corporations of varying sizes, she has cultivated a strong reputation through her expertise in research, training, design, facilitation, coaching, consulting, and project and customer accounts management. Additionally, her entrepreneurial venture, Titlee, an Art Cafe specializing in handmade home and office decor accessories, further underscores her creative acumen and business acumen. Her multifaceted career has generated significant value through personalized, group, and large-scale interactions across both corporate and non-corporate spheres. Her engagements touch upon critical aspects of individual and organizational development, including career advancement, values alignment, cultural integration, growth strategies, purpose-driven initiatives, goal setting, leadership development, teamwork enhancement, motivational strategies, effective communication, and behavioral dynamics, among others.

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