Rakesh Singh

The Inspirational Catalyst, Freelance Advisor

Motivation and Development | Motivation, Self-Development, Leadership

Rakesh Singh


Rakesh Singh has been working in field of Public Health for 18 years. He had an internal inclination towards contributing his part for inspiring people towards Life and Career. His inclination got intensified with observations & experiences around him, when he sees people, especially young generation and children, falling prey to negative thoughts, suicide attempts, disappointment and depression in Life. It put him in a thought process to do something to mitigate such incidences, and to have his thoughts and views wide spread to large number of people around the Globe. He decided to start a new journey of life by sharing his thoughts, views and experiences to motivate, inspire and infuse enthusiasm to his audience. He strongly believes that everyone has inner power to inspire and motivate oneself, what people like him could to just to CATALYZE this inner strength “LET US CELEBRATE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT – LIFE”

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