Sandeep Nath

Inner Power Coach, Multiple Awarded Mindfulness Facilitator, Mindfulness Coach, Sandeep Nath

Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health
Motivation, Leadership

Sandeep Nath


Sandeep Nath is best defined as an Inner Power Coach because his interventions result in people rising to - and sustaining - higher potential. His speaking style quickly engages audiences and individuals to change and think differently. Participants in his events feel compelled to take action. He is a master in establishing the link of health, purpose and productivity with the energy required of a leader and he makes managers self-motivated to use this energy to decrease stress, increase customer delight, empower teams and improve work-life. His second book titled RENEWAL is about elevating human consciousness through small changes in individual habits. His RENEWALism Show ran 36 daily episodes viewed by over 60,000 people online in its first season. Sandeep collaborates with a wide range of global organizations and provides them with a competitive edge based on his unique understanding of how the world works.

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