Swapna Ch

Co-Founder, Portrait-Business-woman

Coaching, Emotional Intelligence
Human Resource, Human Resource

Swapna Ch


Swapna, a seasoned professional with 15+ years in strategic Human Resources, serves as a Co-Founder and Career Coach, aiding startups and high-growth ventures in achieving their business aspirations. Holding certification in the Iron Lady Leadership Essentials Program, she embodies confidence, resilience, and adaptability in leadership.

Her role as a Co-Founder allows her to channel expertise in employee benefits, recruitment, and POSH consulting, fostering inclusive work cultures that attract and retain top talent. In her capacity as a Career Coach, Swapna utilizes NLP, emotional intelligence, and design thinking to empower professionals in career transitions and growth.

Passionate about revolutionizing HR practices, she employs data-driven, human-centered approaches, aiming to elevate both individual careers and organizational success.

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