Vivek Atray

Former IAS | Keynote TEDx Speaker | Author - Finding Success Within, Independent

Motivation, Author
Networking, Networking

Vivek Atray


Vivek Atray, ex-IAS, is a renowned Motivational Speaker, Author, and Mentor. With 8 TEDx Talks and 5 JOSH Talks, he's impacted millions worldwide. As founder of SUVICHAR Think Tank and Chair of the Yogananda Centre for Theology, he's a Visiting Professor at Shoolini University. He's also a founder of Vibrant Networking Forum, Chandigarh Literary Society, and more. A member of the Governor's Advisory Council for Chandigarh UT, he addresses diverse audiences on leadership, governance, and life skills. A celebrated author and columnist for Hindustan Times, his novels include "Move on Bunny!" & "Dubey ji Bounces Back". He's credited with initiatives like Chandigarh IT Park and e-SAMPARK project. An advocate for youth, he organizes the annual All India JP Atray Cricket Tournament. A multi-faceted personality, Vivek is an Electronics Engineer, multilingual, and passionate about the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

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