Mohit Kalra

Global Head ServiceNow | AI Enthusiast | Automation | Service Integration| Product Advisory, ATOS

Generative AI, Digital Transformation
Leadership, Leadership

Mohit Kalra


With over 18 years of robust expertise in IT service management, advisory consulting, service integration, and automation, Mohit is a seasoned professional known for designing and implementing strategic solutions for global clients spanning diverse industries, including Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Retail, BFSI, Telecommunications, and Midstream Petroleum services. His leadership skills are underscored by a profound understanding of technology evolution, enabling him to integrate cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver impactful business outcomes. Mohit's career is marked by a knack for establishing strategic relationships with customers, fostering collaboration, and spearheading the execution of business-aligned technology roadmaps. He brings a wealth of experience to the table, driving innovation and excellence in every endeavor.

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