Krushnaa Patil

Mountaineer, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Women's Rights and Inclusivity Champion, Books and Bricks cafe

Inspirational Stories, Activity (Physical)
Emotional Wellbeing, Work-life Balance

Krushnaa Patil


Krushnaa made mountaineering the coolest sport by becoming the Youngest Indian to climb Everest in 2009, and a wave of youngsters followed suit. She then went on to become the 1st Indian woman atop the highest peaks in Europe, South America and Anctartica. Krushnaa spent years travelling the world on cycling, rowing and even horse back riding expeditions in spreading curriculums that could accelerate environmental conservation through the youth. When she's not climbing or indulging in adventure sports, she is busy drawing from her experiences to give motivational speeches as an INK talks fellow and a UNCTAD facilitator.She is a regular speaker at the IITs, IIMs and has given three TEDx talks


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