Ashwin Sanghi

Bestselling Author of Chanakya's Chant, Shawn Haigins & Co.

Mythology, Storytelling
Verbal Communication, Leadership

Ashwin Sanghi


Ashwin Sanghi, a top-selling Indian English fiction author, boasts an impressive literary portfolio, including bestsellers like "The Rozabal Line," "Chanakya's Chant," and "The Krishna Key." His contributions extend to two New York Times bestselling crime thrillers co-authored with James Patterson— "Private India" (US edition: "City on Fire") and "Private Delhi" (US edition: "Count to Ten"). Beyond writing, Ashwin actively engages in mentoring, co-writing, and editing titles within the widely acclaimed 13 Steps Series, covering diverse topics such as Luck, Wealth, Marks, Health, and Parenting. The overarching theme in his work emphasizes his impact in storytelling.

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