Henna Sharma

Chief Happiness Officer, www.hopeandhappinesscoach.com

Coaching, Leadership
Verbal Communication, Meditation

Henna Sharma


Henna Sharma is a beacon of empowerment as the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of www.hopeandhappinesscoach.com. Accredited by the International Coach Federation as an ACC life Coach with a specialization in Happiness, she radiates positivity and inspiration. As a "Heal Your Life" workshop Leader and motivational Speaker, Henna empowers individuals to unlock their true potential and embrace joy in every aspect of life. Her passion for spreading positivity extends to conducting workshops on positive thinking, creating happy workplaces, and empowering teens through playful learning experiences. Despite juggling multiple roles as a successful businesswoman, devoted mother of two daughters, and trusted mentor to clients worldwide, Henna remains dedicated to uplifting others. Her impactful work has garnered recognition from various magazines, leading newspapers, and prestigious awards, solidifying her reputation as a catalyst for positive change and empowerment.

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