Anju Chawla

Life Coach, Golden Sunrise

Business, Strategy & Entrepreneurship | Corporate Consulting, Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health

Anju Chawla


Anju is a versatile human behavior professional with comprehensive skills, qualifications, and experience. She excels in Emotional Intelligence, catering to diverse audiences across different age groups. She has conducted behavioral training sessions on Emotional Intelligence across India for ages 18-60, including DGR(PBOR) & SAARC civil servants in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs and Shri Ram Group. Her notable programs include 'Leading with Emotional Intelligence,' 'Building Leaders for Tomorrow,' and 'Manager as Coach.' An author of "The Emotionally Intelligent Coach," Anju is recognized for her excellence, receiving awards from NCCN and ICAI. With 18+ years of experience, she's trained a range of professionals from various sectors and moderated course content for Pearson Publication. Anju's client list is extensive, including organizations like Wipro, L&T, GAIL, and more.

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