Hina Ambareen

Founder & CEO - Hina's S.H.AL.A / Coach, Hina's S.H.AL.A

Coaching, Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Wellbeing, Emotional Wellbeing

Hina Ambareen


Hina is a certified wellness and life coach. Her journey is one of resilience and transformation. Over 3800 individuals have found happiness and confidence under her guidance within a span of just 2.3 years. What sets her apart is her empathy and personal experience overcoming challenges. She has helped her students attain personal excellence and optimal living. Having faced loss and health struggles, she offers unique understanding and support. Her story demonstrates the power of resilience and compassion. As an expert in guiding others toward healing and happiness, she blends professionalism with genuine care. Amidst adversity, she emerged not just as a coach, but as a driving force of resilience, turning her own pain into a powerful force for healing and transformation in the lives of thousands.

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