Sakshi Gupta

Co-founder at Startupvisors, Startupvisors

Business, Consumer Experience
Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment

Sakshi Gupta


With over a decade of experience, Sakshi is deeply entrenched in the startup ecosystem. Her journey spans from the early stages before revenue to the post-funding phases, adding a wealth of knowledge to her profile.

Actively involved with Startup India and Niti Aayog, government initiatives in India, Sakshi serves as a mentor, guiding and nurturing entrepreneurs across the country.

She has also been a speaker at renowned institutes like IIT Bombay, NMIMS, and Delhi University, sharing her valuable insights.

Sakshi's impact is evident through her contribution to over 5,000 startups. She has helped these ventures build robust business models, employ effective technology, design successful marketing strategies, and expand their horizons.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Sakshi is passionate about collaborating with startups and individuals aspiring to establish their businesses.

Feel free to connect with Sakshi for anything related to startups, entrepreneurship, and mentorship.

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