Ankur Warikoo

Entrepreneur (Founder - | Content creator | Author | Public Speaker,

Entrepreneurship, Motivation
Finance, Start-up Strategy

Ankur Warikoo


Ankur Warikoo's diverse journey, from studying astronomy to founding ecommerce startups, showcases his entrepreneurial prowess. As an entrepreneur, content creator, author, and public speaker, he's renowned for his insightful career coaching on mindful habits and personal finance. With 1.7 million Instagram followers, Warikoo's compelling storytelling resonates deeply. As the former CEO of and a passionate public speaker, he shares wisdom on motivation, leadership, and entrepreneurial mindset at various platforms. Additionally, Warikoo actively invests in early-stage tech startups, offering mentorship on critical areas like Product-Market-Fit and talent retention. His multifaceted career underscores his dedication to innovation and empowering others to excel in their endeavors.

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