Rishi Yadati

Fractional CMO, Prile Online

Digital Media, Marketing
Strategy, Leadership

Rishi Yadati


Rishi, a B2B and B2C marketing expert, excels in building niche B2B digital marketing consulting services, seamlessly crafting sharp digital strategies for diverse business domains. He's adept at developing digital roadmaps, brand positioning, and messaging frameworks.

In B2B, Rishi demonstrates prowess in lead generation using a Multi-Channel Approach, primarily leveraging LinkedIn and executing Account Based Marketing Campaigns across Indian and US markets.

In B2C, he boasts a track record of constructing Multi-Million $ websites, attracting over 50M visitors and catering to 1M satisfied customers, yielding turnovers exceeding US$50M across 18+ years. Notably, Rishi achieves industry-leading conversion rates ranging from 2% to 5%. Additionally, he's proficient in managing vast merchandize portfolios comprising 15k - 25K SKUs across 100+ categories.

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