Ramesh Nair

Founder - The Mindspring, The Mindspring

Change Management, Emotional Intelligence
Self-Development, Coaching

Ramesh Nair


Ramesh is a highly experienced Certified Leadership Coach driven by a profound passion for transformation. With over 32 years of expertise spanning diverse domains in the IT industry, he has been instrumental in driving digital transformation for Fortune 500 organizations.

He understands that true transformation goes beyond technology, encompassing culture and a growth mindset. Ramesh empowers leaders to remain relevant, valuable, and adaptable in today's fiercely competitive landscape.

As a coach, Ramesh creates a secure environment for leaders to engage in meaningful conversations. He helps leaders navigate through challenges, feedback, opportunities, ambitions, and career paths, nurturing open and brave conversations. By transforming doubt and uncertainty into avenues for growth, he helps leaders break-free from self-doubt.

Ramesh empowers leaders by helping them truly understand themselves, shedding self-limiting beliefs and becoming mindful leaders. Rooted in continuous learning, Ramesh's coaching philosophy draws upon neuroscience, emotional intelligence, adult development theories, and mindfulness practices.

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