Mihir Koltharkar

Top B2B Sales and Negotiation Trainer, 24 Karat Training

Verbal Communication, Negotiation
Sales, Motivation

Mihir Koltharkar


Mihir Koltharkar, also known as Mr. Sales, is a globally recognized Sales Trainer featured among the 'Top 20 Global Trainers - Sales.' He has earned accolades such as the 'Master Trainer: Pride of India for Negotiation Skills' and the 'Global Training and Development Leadership Award.' With his structured approach to sales and negotiation, Mihir has empowered individuals and organizations across 12 countries to significantly increase turnover and profits. As an esteemed Trainer and Speaker, he captivates audiences with his engaging delivery style, ensuring sessions are unforgettable experiences. Mihir's sessions are renowned for their thought-provoking content, interactivity, and incorporation of diverse techniques such as NLP. Whether you're a Sales Professional or Business Owner facing challenges in conversion rates, negotiation, or sales strategy, Mihir's proven approach and positive mindset can drive remarkable improvements in sales and profits.

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