Anil Kumble

Indian Cricketer | Former Head Coach of Indian National Cricket Team | Former Indian National Cricket Team Captain, Tenvic & Spektacom

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Anil Kumble


Former head coach and captain of the Indian Cricket Team; the third highest wicket taker in Test cricket; and the highest wicket taker for India in One-day internationals, Anil Kumble is recognized as one of the most respected sporting icons that India has ever produced. Kumble was appointed the captain of the Indian Test cricket team in 2007. In the year of 2016, Anil was appointed the Coach of the Indian national team and within months of his taking up the position, the Indian team reached the number one position in the ICC Test rankings. In Anil's one-year tenure, the Indian team also won the most number of Test matches in a calendar year. As a motivational Speaker, Anil delivers highly tailored presentations which combine his deep understanding of leadership, motivation and team working. 

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