Anish Baheti

Founder, Train My Brain

Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health
Spirituality, Motivation

Anish Baheti


Anish Baheti isn't just a coach—he's a beacon of inspiration, a multifaceted luminary reshaping lives worldwide. As a 4x TEDx Speaker and award-winning author, he captivates audiences with profound insights and transformative guidance. An Ikigai Awakener and Flow Coach, Anish's keynote talks ignite fires of motivation, leaving an indelible mark on every individual he encounters. His innovative brainchildren like "The Life Deck®" and "The Numbers Deck®" aren't just programs; they're keys to unlocking personal and professional growth. Anish is also a podcast host, captivating listeners with his magnetic charisma and unwavering passion for meaningful interactions. Recognized as an educational influencer, his expertise spans diverse realms—from education to entrepreneurship. With accolades like the Outstanding Leadership Award and BW Education 40Under40, Anish's impact is celebrated worldwide. Join the journey of purpose-driven living and experience the transformative power of Anish Baheti firsthand.

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