Ajai Lal

Founder & MD - Forward Consulting (Transformational Leadership Coach and Mentor), Forward Consulting

Leadership and Management | Coaching, Leadership, Sales

Ajai Lal


Ajai is a seasoned executive and an ICF-accredited Leadership and Executive Coach, harnessing 45 years of diverse leadership experience. As a coach with IMD Business School, Switzerland, and a certified coach with John Maxwell Team, Ajai brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients. With over 3000 coaching hours, he's a leading executive coach in India, focusing on Leadership, Strategy, and Sales Coaching. Ajai has transformed major corporations like Deloitte and Adobe Systems, enhancing their sales skills and performance. A decorated military veteran and corporate leader at NIIT Ltd, Ajai's multifaceted journey makes him an influential global coaching expert, celebrated with awards like the 'Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Achievement in Coaching' and 'Best in Class Leadership Coach.' Ajai's impact extends to hosting the "Leadershift" radio show, reaching 150 countries, solidifying his legacy in leadership development. His training, consulting, and executive coaching services help improve sales performance and deliver results.

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