Aarushi Chugh

MBA| 2*TEDx Speaker| Panel Speaker@WEF| Guest Speaker @ IIT Mandi and NIT Durgapur|, HCL Technologies and MENTORx

Human Resource, Leadership
Mental Health, Mental Health

Aarushi Chugh


Aarushi, an HR Professional, is impassioned by engineering inner transformation through scientific methodologies. She fervently believes in unlocking human potential through immeasurable transformative power, advocating for the unfolding of human genius. Her dedication lies in comprehending the science behind this potential and implementing scientific tools and processes to manifest this vision. Aarushi understands the pivotal role these techniques play in enhancing employee competence, growth, and overall well-being, crucially impacting a company's ROI. She envisions a world where individuals harness their limitless potential, fostering innovation even in the most cut-throat corporate environments globally. Aarushi's mission resonates with her belief in leveraging these tools to drive both personal and organizational evolution.

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