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Coach Anish


Anish Rakheja, aka Coach Anish, is the Founder of Krescon Coaches, a premier global leadership grooming and succession planning firm. Accredited as a PCC coach by ICF and an IC Agile certified Team & Professional coach, Coach Anish is renowned for his Legacy coaching and Business succession planning expertise. With a rich background including senior roles in Fortune 5 companies and advising start-ups, he empowers business owners, organizations, students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. An IIT Roorkee graduate and MBA holder, he embodies over 30 years of industry experience. Coach Anish embodies Krescon's values of 'Confidentiality, Accountability, and Trustworthiness.' A certified NLP practitioner and creator of the 'NDP Framework©’ for Astro Profiling, he's also the author of 'The Mystic Millionaire series, promoting practical spirituality. The debut book "Be Aware" is garnering attention in literary circles.

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