Sapna Agrawal

Saarthi Pedagogy CGO | Founder i Big wonder | Creative Intelligence coach | Director Academics EDGE Academy Kota, i Big Wonder

Coaching, Academics
Creativity, Body Language

Sapna Agrawal


Dr Sapna Agrawal is an astute academician, dynamic and socially active with qualitative experience of 22+years in Knowledge management,  Training and Development, Child Psychology, Science and its spiritual understanding. She believes that  Creative intelligence is about looking beyond what you know and having the openness, willingness and curiosity to constantly push boundaries and challenge the status quo. She has conducted Training sessions & Conference Talks with School Leaders, Directors & Chairpersons of schools more than 4500 in numbers. 
She has been talking on Topics including Right Parenting, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Leadership, Team Building, Problem solving, Decision Making, Positive Mental Attitude, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence and Lateral Thinking, Needs of 21st Century classrooms & teachers, EdTech new learning Tools.

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