Amit Gajwani

Executive Vice President- Head of Sales, Marketing and Legal, Cybage Software

Leadership, Leadership
Motivation, Sales and Marketing

Amit Gajwani


AMIT GAJWANI is a senior management professional at Cybage and a Member of the NASSCOM Product Council. He has over 20 years of experience and is currently a global sales and business development head with a strong focus on new sales, account management, and relationship management with strategic customers. An astute leader with intense exposure to the entire organizational life cycle, Amit heads talent acquisition, marketing & communications, and legal. He is also responsible for planning and strategizing the sales thought process and spearheading various cross-functional operations. Mr. Gajwani has close to two decades of experience in Client Relationships, Software Project Delivery, and Account Management. As a speaker, he has spoken on multiple topics related to the IT/ITES industry.

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