Ridhi Agarwal

Founder at AcadAlly., AcadAlly

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Ridhi Agarwal


Ridhi is a visionary co-founder of AcadAlly, propelled by a fervent commitment to innovate and transform education. Her driving force lies in revolutionizing the educational landscape through cutting-edge AI technology. At AcadAlly, Ridhi leads a passionate team dedicated to catalyzing a paradigm shift in educational methodologies. Her visionary approach encompasses a holistic 360° strategy, harmonizing curriculum, pedagogy, and the potent influence of artificial intelligence. This seamless integration aims to elevate student performance, empowering learners through an innovative amalgamation of what to teach, how to teach, and the transformative prowess of technology. As an entrepreneur, she believes that technology can transform education and businesses, and her seminars give actionable insights into the impact of technology today. Ridhi's unwavering dedication fuels AcadAlly's mission to redefine education and pave the way for a brighter, more dynamic learning future.

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