Sriram S

Head - Our Happiness Matters, On a mission to Humanize leadership, Our Happiness Matters

Psychology, Music
Emotional Intelligence, Leadership

Sriram S


An award-winning thought leader, certified NLP, mindfulness, happiness and life wisdom coach, Sriram promotes the role of human-first and is on a mission to help companies create happy, holistic, human-centric workplaces. Sriram has deep experience as a Productivity LEAP Expert and is challenging age-old processes and skill-centered competency frameworks by fostering psychological safety. His novel, science-backed, human-first approach can radically transform the world of work, beating burnout and enhancing productivity. He brings this research into practical and actionable strategies that drive mindset shifts and behavioral change in a systemic way. He has been Featured in TEDx, NASSCOM, Great Places to Work, NHRD, AMCHAM, Top 50 Leaders in South India, Economic Times, People Matters, Habit Coach Podcast, and more.


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