Dhimant Parekh

Founder and CEO - The Better India, The Better India

ESG and Sustainability, Entrepreneurship
Inspirational Stories, eCommerce

Dhimant Parekh


Dhimant Parekh, a social entrepreneur, is the visionary behind TheBetterIndia.com, India's leading platform spotlighting positive news. He spearheaded product management and developed hoopos.com's entire e-commerce offering. His impactful contributions include crafting early versions of ngpay's mobile commerce app, architecting ibibo's social networking platform, and leading a software team at Honeywell. A versatile individual, Dhimant has ventured into theater, authored a book of short stories, and now pioneers positive impact with The Better Home, India's inaugural sustainability-focused subscription product range. Committed to eco-friendly, toxin-free home care, The Better Home aims to inspire consumers to effect positive change within their homes and protect the environment. Dhimant is an impact worker who is taking India towards a sustainable future.

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