Shilpi Das Chohan

C-Suite Voice Coach, Voice Modulation Consultant, Certified Sound Meditation/Healing Consultant, Business Owner - Shilpi's Voice & Visuals

Branding, Marketing and Communication | Leadership, Wellness,

Shilpi Das Chohan


A qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Shilpi perpetuates the pivotal role 'voice' plays in the human world of oral communication through unique methods and her concept of 12 Cs of Leadership Voice. She coaches her clients to project impactful leadership by developing a strong vocal presence. Shilpi empowers business leaders to lead and motivate with a powerful voice. She was featured in Outlook November 2021 edition for pursuing an offbeat career of being a Voice Coach. She is a featured co-author in ‘Women Who Made Name', an anthology of women writers compiled by Priyanka Behl.

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