Rajyeshwari Ghosh

From Big Four & Wall Street Professional to Founder at Quantum Holistic | Practices Emotional Wisdom | Certified Blockchain Practitioner, Quantum Holistic Advisory Services

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence
Spirituality, Digital Transformation

Rajyeshwari Ghosh


Rajyeshwari Ghosh, a soulful explorer, embraces life's spectrum with openness and authenticity. With over 18 years of global Industry and Consulting experience spanning the USA, India, Bangladesh, and Singapore, she embodies a profound understanding of diversity and self-evolution. Transitioning from corporate life to her practice, Rajyeshwari infuses her work with multidisciplinary research and the Quantum paradigm, integrating ancient wisdom into modern contexts. Living holistically, she advocates mindfulness towards people and the planet, fostering relationships built on trust and transparency. Rajyeshwari's innovative ideas, including a top 10 recognition in the PwC India Consulting Innovation Challenge, underscore her commitment to fresh thinking. Her expertise encompasses Quantum Paradigm, Systems Thinking, Leadership Development, Applied Spiritual & Emotional Wisdom, Entrepreneurship, Blockchain, and Business Intelligence, shaping her role as a speaker and consultant globally.

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