Tunvey Gogia

Director at Tunvey Gogia Consulting, Tunvey Gogia COnsulting Pvt. Ltd.

Self-Development, Coaching
Emotional Wellbeing, Inner Strength

Tunvey Gogia


Tunvey Gogia, a Corporate Trainer, ICF Accredited Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Motivational Speaker, seamlessly merges her 20-year corporate and media expertise with a passion for engaging with people. Specializing in behavioral change and unlocking inner potential, Tunvey's diverse career spans TV, content creation, entrepreneurship, and corporate training. From DD anchor to creative producer on OTT shows, she's transitioned from entertainment to educational and socially relevant programs. Hosting 300+ talk shows and featuring on "Unbox with Tunvey" on Podcast and YouTube, she explores human behavior and unconventional choices for personal growth. As a corporate trainer, Tunvey empowers C-suite leaders and junior staff, blending structured exercises with real-world experiences for holistic self and professional development, additionally focusing on work-life balance. Her approach aims to uncover individuals' true purpose and make the limitless possible.

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