Meera Tenguria

Founder & CEO at Aarohan Communications, Aarohan Communications

Verbal Communication, Leadership
ESG and Sustainability, Women Business Leaders

Meera Tenguria


With over 25 years of experience in corporate communications, Meera champions the pivotal role of strategic communication in leadership. She offers expert guidance on various facets including content, stakeholder engagement, sustainability, and investor relations. Through workshops focusing on content strategy, pitching, science communication, storytelling, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), sustainability, and corporate social responsibility (CSR), Meera nurtures leadership skills. Meera's expertise extends to coaching CEOs, CXOs, women leaders, and entrepreneurs in effective leadership communication. Her diverse clientele spans industries such as chemicals, agrochemicals, telecom, IT, biotech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, energy, oil and gas, agrotech, biochemistry, and nonprofits. Grounded in extensive real-world experience, her insights offer practical solutions tailored to the unique challenges of each sector.

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