Sunita Ganesan

Founder - PowerPlay & 3e Coaching Partner at Potential Genesis, 3e Coaching and Consulting

Motivation and Development | Coaching, Self-Development, Emotional Intelligence

Sunita Ganesan


Sunita brings over two decades of global HR leadership expertise - with companies like PepsiCo, AstaZeneca, Cognizant and Genpact, seamlessly intertwining coaching and facilitation in this professional trajectory. For the past 13 years, she's guided senior leaders within organizations and supported women leaders, entrepreneurs, and startups with 3e Coaching and Consulting. Notably, during the COVID crisis, Sunita volunteered as a pro-bono wellness coach, offering solace in trying times. Her coaching ethos revolves around a holistic, whole-person perspective, aiding individuals in charting their paths forward and personal development. Grounded in neuroscience and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, her evidence-based approach delivers tangible solutions. Sunita's innate ability to connect with diverse audiences, cultivated since her school days, enriches her coaching, nurturing growth and resilience across sectors.

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