Mohita Datta

Founder and CEO - MaxComm/ Communication Coach and Corporate Consultant, MaxComm

Verbal Communication, Growth Mindset
Motivation, Leadership Coaching

Mohita Datta


Mohita Dutta is a communication coach, corporate consultant, public speaker, and author and works towards empowering individuals to excel professionally. Her best-selling book, "15 Mantras for Effective Communication," offers practical guidance for enhancing communication skills. Recognized for her eloquence, Mohita has earned Toastmasters trophies for public speaking and captivates audiences as an articulate anchor and storyteller. Through workshops and seminars, she equips clients with tools to manage performance, grow in their careeer, and foster harmonious work environments. Mohita's dedication to empowering others and commitment to excellence make her a beacon of inspiration, motivating countless individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential in both personal and professional spheres.

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