Iti Rawat

Two Kids to Two Startups | Founder and Director - Thinkhall Training and Consultancy, Thinkhall Training and Consultancy and WEFT Women Entrepreneurs Foundation

Entrepreneurship, Inspiring Women
Motivation, Social Entrepreneur

Iti Rawat


Iti Rawat's journey of raising two children while nurturing two startups exemplifies her unwavering commitment and versatility. Balancing motherhood with entrepreneurial endeavors, she co-founded Thinkhall Academy and WEFT Foundation, empowering individuals while shaping her daughters' future. Amidst the challenges of building startups, she prioritized family, ensuring her children received love and attention. Iti's efforts created a nurturing home environment, fostering security for her daughters. Her commitment to both family and business serves as inspiration, showcasing resilience and dedication in pursuing passions while nurturing a thriving family life.

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