Vishal Gupta

Professor - Organizational Behavior at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, IIM Ahmedabad

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence
Organisational Development, Organisational Development

Vishal Gupta


Vishal Gupta is a Professor in the Organizational Behavior Area at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. His areas of research and teaching include leadership and organisational development, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, innovation management, ethics and justice. His research has been published in international and national journals of repute and has been covered by national dailies. His journey amalgamates human behaviour with the society's structures, ensuring his presence in governance and compliance in corporate. Vishal’s ‘Leadership Skills’ course on the Coursera platform has been subscribed by more than 100,000 individuals from around the world and has been ranked as the top 5 leadership courses. In recognition of his contribution and teaching, he was recognised with the ‘2023 Coursera Learners First Achievement Award’ in May 2023.

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