Dr. Suresh Mansharamani

Founder & Chief Energy Officer @ Tajurba | Business Coach and OKR Expert, Tajurba Business Network Pvt Ltd

Networking, Sales
Coaching, Coaching

Dr. Suresh Mansharamani


Born in a refugee camp in Maharashtra, Suresh started his career with a job of just Rs 300 per month to 300 times oversubscribed IPO in 1995, followed by a Presidential Award, now a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Business Coach, International OKR Coach, Author of 6 Books and Chief Energy Officer of Tajurba India's Fasted Growing Community of MSMEs. His audacious goal is to connect ten million MSMEs of India and Get them FREEDOM from expensive marketing by way of Community Commerce enabled by Tajurba Connect App. He is the author of the book "Super Power Networker: Blueprint for Business Networking". He aims to teach people what networking is and how it can contribute to your business growth and success.

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