Musthafa PC

CEO and Co-founder - iD Fresh Food India, iD Fresh Food India

Business, Strategy & Entrepreneurship | Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Technology

Musthafa PC


Musthafa PC's incredible journey embodies the spirit of resilience and determination. Born in a remote village in Kerala to a humble background, he defied the odds to become the founder of iD Fresh Food India, a brand that nourishes millions with healthy, preservative-free idlis, dosas, and more. Musthafa pursued his education, earning degrees in Computer Science from NIT Calicut and an MBA from IIM Bangalore. iD fresh food embraces technology in every way possible, from data and predictive analytics, supply chain and distribution monitoring, product, packaging and process innovation to digitizing the brand with an E-commerce store. iD supplies to over 30,000 retail outlets. To run on a zero-inventory model, and supply to the right place at the right time, they leverage AI and ML technologies and serve homes across India, UAE, US, UK, Oman and Saudi.

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