Saachi Soni

Mountaineer, TV Anchor, & Consultant, Doordarshan Sports, Doordarshan Sports

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Saachi Soni


Saachi Soni had already achieved extraordinary feats in the realm of mountaineering when she was only 23. Scaling peaks across continents, including the formidable Mount McKinley and Europe's highest, Mount Elbrus, making her the first Indian to conquer it, showcasing her exceptional resilience and adventurous spirit. Introduced to mountaineering, hiking, and skiing at the age of seven by her father, Saachi has become India's trailblazing woman selected for an Everest expedition by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. Her triumphant ascent of Mt. Everest in 2013 marked a historic milestone. Through her teenage years, she conquered challenging Himalayan peaks, demonstrating unwavering determination. Saachi's involvement in Adventure Mountaineering courses, interviews, and contributions as a Citizen Journalist for CNN IBN exemplifies her commitment to adventure and resilience. Invited as a panelist for Narendra Modi's Chai Pe Charcha on International Women’s Day, Saachi continues to inspire through her indomitable spirit.

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