Vipin Tuteja

Managing Director | Partner, WOY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. | Positive Momentum Ltd.

Leadership, Coaching
Sales, Digital Transformation

Vipin Tuteja


Vipin is a transformational business leader with 35+ years of international exposure across IT/ITeS, Financial Services, and Telecom. His leadership roles at multinationals like American Express, Ricoh, Xerox, and Samsung have provided insights into diverse industries. Committed to driving change, growth, and leadership, he specializes in Culture, Strategy Planning, Execution, Transformation, Change Management, Marketing, Service & Operations, Organizational Development, People Engagement, Personal Branding, and Leadership Development. As an ICF ACSTH Certified Executive & Leadership Coach, Vipin partners with senior leaders, drawing from his extensive corporate journey to facilitate personal growth. He contributes to the INSEAD ILPSE Program as an Executive Coach and is adept at Team Coaching, fostering both professional and personal transformations. Having held leadership responsibilities in a range of industries, he understands the challenges, and is passionate about sharing his experience and expertise with customised, client-specific interventions, leveraging a uniquely focused, enthusiastic, and pragmatic approach to help businesses evolve.

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